We are a very family orientated club and have members with families that use the club, so we have pensioners & disabled members who still ride their bikes and trikes, couples that either ride with a pillion or both ride, most of the members have children that also come to the club and some even have grandchildren & great grandchildren.

The club does quite few club stands as well, Stafford Show in April & October, The Farmyard Party, NEC Classic Car & Bike, as well as rallies and parties. We hold a Bike Show every year the first weekend in June and a Rally the second weekend in July, throughout the year we also hold parties and try to do something at The Rockbar once a month starting in January with the club birthday party, February is St Valentines, March is St Patricks, a free Ride In weekend the second weekend in April, we have a couple of members in Nth Ireland and every year they hold a Poppy Appeal run in August and a few of the members try go over to support this.

In December we do a Toy Run the first Sunday in December to Fountains School in Stretton a special needs school and at the end of term we do the school disco for Christmas for them and help with the PA at their annual school fete in July. Although we have meetings every Friday at The Rockbar we know that some people have work & family commitments and that some of our members live quite a way away so it not always possible to come every week, but if you do come a distance you are always welcome to camp overnight. Unwanted Mcc does not have any rules and regulations as such we only ask that if for any reason you leave the club that you hand back your club patch.

You can always email us if you have any other queries. Or come along one Friday night to The Rockbar. Unwanted Mcc are affiliated to BMF,MAG & NABD and the club also carries a liability insurance through BMF.