Formed in 1960 against 'tabloid press tales' of 'leather jacketed hooligans racing around our streets', the Federation of National and One Make Clubs (FNOMC) was established.

In 1965 the British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) was formed to represent all motorcyclists. The BMF's successful lobbying defeated such ill-conceived ideas as leg-protectors and the 100bhp limit restriction.

Today we are :-

The BMF successfully campaigns on issues that directly affect the liberty, safety and security of motorcyclists'. The BMF educates and informs - from vehcle security to an online road defect reporting system. To receive regular updates and play your part... sign up for BMF Campaigner here.

The BMF is active in Europe through FEMA (Federation of European Motorcyclists Association) and FIM (Federation of International Motorcyclists). We lobby MPs, MEP's, Ministers, Commissioners and Committees to ensure that your views and concerns are heard.

The BMF is one of the largest rider group's in the world. As a non profit organisation run by elected volunteers we rely on our members for funding and support. We provide motorcyclists no matter what they ride a voice through specialist lobbyists and a network of volunteers across the UK.

Our objective is to safeguard the rights of motorcyclists from the unnecessary interference by European, National, Local Government and anti-motorcycling campaign groups.

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